Online Mentoring Program for Women

100+ teaching videos, the Set Apart Magazine Digital Library, a private forum with Leslie and more!

Set Apart Bible Study

A Passionate Devotion to Jesus Christ

Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes

Secrets to an Amazing Love Story

Every person longs to have a fairytale love story...

Becoming Marriage Ready

An Amazing Marriage is Possible … what are you willing to do to prepare for it?

Mentoring Young Women

Effectively Disciple the Younger Women in Your Life

Christ Centered Mentoring

How to Eternally Impact Today’s Young Women

Fearless Living

How to Adopt a Battle Plan Against Anxiety

Godly Discernment

How to Become a Woman of Wisdom

Honorable Speech

How to Honor God and Others with Every Word You Speak

Inspiring Today's Men

Helping Guys Rise Above Cultural Mediocrity

Overcoming Insecurity

How to Exchange Self-Doubt for Christ-Confidence

Powerful Praying

How to Gain a Passionate Communion with God

Purity That Lasts

How to be Holy in Body and Spirit

Social Media

Glorifying Christ in Your Digital Conduct

True Happiness

How to Exchange Temporal Distractions for Lasting Contentment

True Beauty

How to Glow with Heavenly Radiance

True Identity

How to Discover and Embrace God’s Purpose For Your Life

Unshakable Faith

How to Live Set Apart When Others Don’t Support You

A Vibrant Marriage

Keys to Becoming a Christ-Centered Wife