The Annual Set Apart Conference

with Leslie Ludy

The Expanded Online Event!

June 3–7, 2020


Join us via simulcast or stream the sessions anytime in 2020!

A Life-Changing Event for Women of All Ages!


Do you desire to know Jesus Christ deeply and intimately, as your dearest, closest, and most trusted friend? Do you long to not just talk about Him, sing about Him, and learn about Him, but to truly walk in daily, passionate relationship with Him?  Are you tired of merely reading God's promises in the Bible and eager to actually experience the unmatched joy, peace that passes understanding, and soul-level satisfaction that is promised to those who follow Him?


Join Leslie Ludy as she equips you with powerful biblical truth that can inspire you to cultivate a passionate devotion to Jesus Christ, no matter what season of life you are in.



Leslie Ludy is a wife, mother of six, and bestselling author who has been speaking truth into women's lives for the past twenty-five years.  To learn more about Leslie's ministry, please visit

An Update from Leslie and the Team:


Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s Set Apart Conference will be an online-only event. 
While we are sad not to gather in person as we normally do, we are pouring our time and energy into an expanded online conference that we are very excited about!  (Note: If you have already registered for the on-site event, you should have received an email about your options, if not please contact us here.)

You can join us for a live simulcast OR stream the sessions anytime in 2020 — on your own or with a group!  Simulcasting is super simple, but if you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us here. (Scroll down for the updated and expanded conference schedule!)

When you register for the online event, you will be automatically entered into our daily giveaways! These hand-picked resources are sure to brighten your walk with Jesus!  For a list of what we’re giving away see below.

Explore Conference Sessions with Leslie Ludy:

Session One: Sacred Living – Pursuing Passionate Devotion to Christ

Session Two: Sacred Devotion – Pursuing Vibrant Intimacy with Christ

Session Three: Sacred Petition – Building a Powerful Prayer Life

Session Four: Sacred Calling – Embracing our God-Given Purpose

Session Five: Sacred Redemption – Growing Spiritually Strong Through Suffering with Eric and Leslie

New!  Daily Special Guest Interviews with:

Annie Wesche

Experiencing God's Faithfulness in the Midst of Difficulty

Mandy Saeler

Trusting Christ Through the Unexpected

Sarah Guthrie

Using Your Time Purposefully in Every Season

Heather Cofer

Growing Spiritually While Raising Little Ones

Jasmin Howell

Surrendering to God's Timing

Sandi McConnaughey

Being Prepared to Share the Gospel

Grace McConnaughey

Finding Strength in Suffering

My heart was searching.  Searching for truth. Real truth. Searching to learn what being a Christian really means. Searching for light and the vibrancy of a Christ-centered life. What I found "overflowed my cup" like David says. God used the conference in a mighty way to speak to my soul, to convict my heart, and to fasten my eyes upon Jesus.

Annie P. Georgia

What makes this conference unique?

Soul-Stirring and Life-Changing Truth

Biblically-rich, deeply encouraging, and powerfully practical, Leslie's messages are designed to ignite your spiritual fire and bring lasting change to your life.  Because the messages are built upon scriptural truth, this conference is appropriate and applicable for every age and season of life!

What you can expect if you stream a simulcast:

Ignite Your Spiritual Fire from Anywhere in the World

Stream the conference from your own personal computer, host a small group in your home, or fill an entire church with women to enjoy this event together.  The simulcast is a wonderful way to experience this life-changing truth no matter where you are.  And you'll have access to the sessions throughout 2020, so you can choose to watch them at a time that works best for you!

A Wonderful Way to Reach Other Women in Your Life

If you are looking for ways to invest spiritually into other women's lives, hosting a simulcast provides an amazing opportunity to do just that. Make your event special, cultivate prayer and discussion, and watch God work mightily in the hearts of those who attend.

This was our third year [attending a conference].  You will leave changed for the better.  You will draw closer to God.  You will make lasting friendships.  I couldn't recommend this experience enough!

Sarah M. — Texas

Simulcast Schedule:

All content will be released each morning at 5 a.m. MDT so you can stream them at your convenience, with the exception of our live Zoom calls with Leslie. (See below for times.)


Wednesday, June 3rd


Session One with Leslie Ludy:
Sacred Calling — Pursuing Passionate Devotion to Christ


3:00pm MST   Welcome Prayer Gathering with Leslie Ludy
Join a LIVE Zoom call with Leslie and prepare your heart for this powerful event with prayer.
(Note: a recording will be made available to those who are unable to attend live.) 



Thursday, June 4th


Session Two with Leslie Ludy:
Sacred Devotion — Pursuing Vibrant intimacy with Christ


Special Guest Interviews:
Annie Wesche — Experiencing God's Faithfulness in Difficulty
Mandy Saeler — Trusting God Through the Unexpected



Friday, June 5th


Session Three with Leslie Ludy:
Sacred Petition — Building a Powerful Prayer Life


Special Guest Interviews:
Sarah Guthrie — Using Your Time Purposefully in Every Season
Heather Cofer — Protecting Intimacy with Christ while Raising Little Ones



Saturday, June 6th


Session Four with Leslie Ludy:
Sacred Reality — Embracing Our God-Given Purpose


Special Guest Interviews:
Grace McConnaughey — Finding Strength in Suffering
Sandi McConnaughey — Being Prepared to Share the Gospel



Sunday, June 7th


Session Five with Eric and Leslie Ludy:
Sacred Redemption — Growing Stronger Through Suffering


Special Guest Interview:
Jasmin Howell — Surrendering to God's Timing


3:00pm MST Prayer Gathering with Leslie Ludy  
Join a LIVE Zoom call with Leslie and close this powerful event with consecrated prayer.

(Note: a recording will be made available to those who are unable to attend live.) 



Daily Giveaways from Set Apart Girl!

To add a cherry on the top of this sweet simulcast, our team has hand-selected a bunch of our favorite resources to give away each day of our event. These items are sure to brighten your walk with Jesus!


How it works: When you register for the online event, you will be automatically entered into our daily giveaways. Winners will be announced at the start of each day and will be contacted directly if further information is needed in order to properly route your giveaway.


You could win:


WEDNESDAY — New! 2020 theme Set Apart Conference prints (digital download)
THURSDAY — Set Apart: A Passionate Devotion to Christ Bible Study, digital license
FRIDAY — a copy of the upcoming Summer Issue of the Set Apart Girl Magazine, releasing late summer
SATURDAY — Marriage and Motherhood Online Course, group license
SUNDAY — a complimentary spot at our upcoming Marriage & Motherhood Retreat

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any time through Dec. 31, 2020

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We're so excited to give you a sneak peek at the 2021 Set Apart Conference!  Registration is now open! 
Save 40% off through June 3, 2020. 

The Set Apart Conference brought me to my knees afresh as I allowed God to search my heart in a deep way.  While wholehearted devotion to Christ will cost us everything, I was reminded again that He is worthy of all.  I came away with a renewed desire to live fully abandoned to my Lord no matter what the cost.

Chantel O. — Indiana

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How do the Zoom prayer meetings work?

One of my favorite parts about the weekend was the like-minded women I met.  Even though we were all from different countries and cultures, we felt like family and had known each other a long time because of our shared love for God and His Spirit dwelling within us.  It was so edifying to share testimonies of our faith!  By the end of the weekend, I had gained Christian friendships from all over the world!

Geraldine L. — France

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